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UltimateRPG is the go to bot for any discord server! With tons of features available you are guaranteed long lasting fun

Developer: Nattugle#0001 

Prefix: rpg

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Interactive gameplay

Want to fight enemies in style? You can do that here! All you have to do is use the adventure command to get started!

Need Help?

We got you covered! You can either use the interactive menu that is easy on the eye, or click the clipboard to get the full overview!

View your collection!

By using emojis, you can scroll through your entire inventory! Items have been categorised as they fit best!

Tired of scrolling? No problem! Use the fast method by using rpg inventory (category)!


Fight bosses alone or with friends by using the rpg dungeon command! Each zone has their own unique dungeon and boss and gives a variety of loot!

Armory and Gear

It is time to get yourself your own gear! You can either buy gear from the shop, craft it yourself or be lucky and get it from mobs!


Like to gamble? We have a variety of games that you can play: Dice: Roll a dice from 1-6, Coinflip: Heads or Tails, Blackjack: Closest to 21 wins and the lottery!


Want to trade items between friends or strangers? Then go do it! Switch items between you and your friends, or get the item you so desperately want from others!

New updates constantly!

We are constantly updating the bot... Join our discord to share your ideas and be a part of the community!