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A discord bot that focuses on making anime search on discord easy with some good functionality and other cool stuff.

Developer: Kyros#2897 

Prefix: -

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Anime Space

The main goal of the bot is to make search of anime and manga easy on discord with some unique features. the bot can search anime, manga, character, staff, movies and more will be available on future, every search is made by using a keyword like the name of anime anime/manga etc.., the main functionality that adds a level to the bot is the ability to log-in with an Anilist account to be able to view like scores and progress of anime and manga directly in bot commands

Here is a preview of the command anime:
Anime command!
As i am authenticated the embed shows also the score i have given to the anime as my progress, this is very useful while discussing about anime on discord with friends and not have to every time go and grab the link of the anime watched or maybe have to check the score given. The same type of embed is shown for command manga and movie.

There are also command to view info about character and staff like:
character command!

And a nice profile command ( that currently works only with anilist authentication) that shows the main info about user profile (the command to work obviously requires authentication):
profile command!

There are other command as well that work only with authentication like

  • -animelist to view the list of anime in each category ( completed planning etc..)
  • -addanime to add a specific anime to the planning list and there will be more in future.

some other useful command may be

  • -randomanime that randomly shows an anime (with the same embed stime as from -anime) but with buttons to roll and add directly to list (if authenticated)
  • -filteranime same as randomanime but with select menu that enables to add some filters ( like a specific genre to search or a mimun score for anime), this command might be a little tricky to use
  • -seasonal shows in a multi embed style all the current seasonal anime sorted by popularity

To log-in with anilist just use the command *-connect *, all the information that are inserted in embeds are always public info that can be normally accessed on the official sites.

The bot is still in development, there are not that much command as now but if the bot grows i will try my best to make more. if you wanna suggest some improvements or anything you would like to see added in the bot just propose it in the support server i will be happy to see them and discuss it.