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A bot from Moderation to utilities and more!

Developer: Egg#0004 

Prefix: ;

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Alyx is a bot that has all sorts of NSFW from a safe for discord api that is also custom!

She has alot of loods that come at an outrageous price of $0.00, and the cool part is that you can use her API as well!

Her API is safe for discord, and has no risky stuff. and anyone is able to share content to add to it. You should seriously add her if you are looking for an api for nsfw (and a few other small things) and would rather test it first. She also has music and utilities too (Although they would require voting atleast since these arent her main purpose) Add alyx to your server and run ;help to see all her features!

❯ Images: These all come from one api!

  • 18+ Commands for (18+) content, which will not be named here.
  • A Dashboard to obtain an api key to set your self up and use the api too!

❯ Moderation:

  • mute, kick, ban, namesearch, plus alot more moderation commands (some a work in progress)! ❯ Actions:
  • You can use the action commands to interact with other members in the server!
    • pat, cuddle, kiss, hug...

❯ Tools & Info:

  • ping : Pong!
  • invite : Sends an invite for the bot
  • help : Shows Commands that I have.

*(requires age verification to use due to some restrictions on this feature and discord);